Book Blogger Hop – August 4


Book Blogger Hop

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Do you ever go “way back” to when you first started blogging and look at your old review posts? Do you see any differences from then to now? 

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)


Sometimes I do. I started back in 2012 and my reading tastes and blog have definitely evolved. 

The one thing I notice is the way I rated books from 1-5 stars.

I tended to cut books way more slack back then and I’m kind of horrified by some of my 4 star reviews on books I would now rate 2 or 3 stars. Part of that was because I was reading a lot more indie and self published books for review and it’s always a little different when you know your rating will impact the average a lot more than it would on a major title. It’s also different when you’re reading more books with errors and you just kind of get used to it and wouldn’t necessarily get as annoyed and take a star off for it. Now, I buy most of the books I review because life is too short to read bad books and I have much more money than time. I’m reading major titles and I’m not so concerned with rating low. And I notice issues more than I used to because I read so much. I think it’s normal to grow and change in this field. Reviewing isn’t an exact science and I’ve never tried to organize my thoughts in a way to help keep an even keel with star ratings. I’ve struggled over the years to even figure out what 3 stars means because it seems to mean different things to different people. Going with my gut seems to change the star amount.


Aside from the star rating, I think a lot of my reviews are still how I feel, it’s just that I would apply my feelings into different star ratings. 




5 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop – August 4

  1. At least it took at least a year for you to be horrified. I go back a month and cringe. I also have the terrible habit of being overly excited about a book and giving it 4 stars, only to wake up the next day like “Just kidding! 2 stars.”


  2. I find star ratings hideously subjective. One day, you can read something and it just strikes the right cord for the mood you’re in and it’s ‘oh wow! 5 stars!” Then a year later (a month later!) you are in a very different place and you re-read and this WTF? I’d barely give this a 3. That’s why I don’t put much stock in them. I’m more interested in what people like / don’t like as I think that will tell me more than the rating. 🙂

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  3. I didn’t use star ratings in the beginning. Then, once I started cross-posting, I started using star ratings on the blog.


  4. Good point about the star ratings. I’m much tougher on ‘traditionally published’ authors. I also try to keep mine to a more critical level these days. Still don’t diss them, mind.


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