Photo Review – F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

F*ck Love

By Tarryn Fisher

Summary: Helena Conway has fallen in love.

Unwillingly. Unwittingly.

But not unprovoked.

Kit Isley is everything she’s not—unstructured, untethered,

and not even a little bit careful.

It could all be so beautiful … if he wasn’t dating her best friend.

Helena must defy her heart, do the right thing, and think of others.

Until she doesn’t.

Source: I purchased a kindle copy.

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I am always torn about Tarryn’s books. I feel so much, but part of me hates how much angst there is with little pay off. I mean, does anything ever work out? But I’m drawn to her books all the same. This was good, weird, and full of emotion. I kind of hate the whole plot where guys have this girl who is just baggage but never seem to end it type of borderline cheating storylines, though, which is why this gets 3 stars. Man up, communicate! But, there’s something realistic about it so I can’t totally hate on the way her characters act.