Photo Review – The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling #2) by Erika Johansen


The Invasion of the Tearling

(The Queen of the Tearling #2)

by Erika Johansen

Summary: Kelsea Glynn is the Queen of the Tearling. Despite her youth, she has quickly asserted herself as a fair, just and powerful ruler.

However, power is a double-edged sword, and small actions can have grave consequences. In trying to do what is right – stopping a vile trade in humankind – Kelsea has crossed the Red Queen, a ruthless monarch whose rule is bound with dark magic and the spilling of blood. The Red Queen’s armies are poised to invade the Tearling, and it seems nothing can stop them.

Yet there was a time before the Crossing, and there Kelsea finds a strange and possibly dangerous ally, someone who might hold the key to the fate of the Tearling, and indeed to Kelsea’s own soul. But time is running out…

Erika Johansen’s fierce and unforgettable young heroine returns in this dazzling new novel of magic and adventure, set in the beguiling world of the Tearling.

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One of the interesting aspects of the first book was that, while it was a fantasy as I expected, it actually took place in the future. The Invasion of the Tearling felt more futuristic since Kelsea was able to see visions of the past, which resemble a futuristic world to us where things fell apart, technology was used to control people, and a man named William Tear had a better vision of the world.

I loved the twists and turns in the sequel and how it sort of opened up the big picture so we weren’t just concerned about the fate of Tearling or Mortesme, but how the past has shaped it and how the Queen can use those visions to better her present world.

I cannot figure this trilogy out and I love not really knowing what will happen since I’m not even certain what genre it fits into. I highly recommend it!


Star 4

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