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A Little Bit About Me:



My name is Megan and I love to read. I enjoy blogging about books and sharing my thoughts with others and being a part of the book blogging community. I’ve made a ton of bookish friends, though mainly on social networking. 

My blog is a review blog because I love to write and discuss books. I can’t finish a book without wanting to write a review, anyway.

I’m a not so young adult and married to an amazing guy who is my best friend. We’ve been married over 11 years. We don’t have kids, nor do we plan on having any. We have all sorts of hobbies together and we move frequently, but reading is my thing and what keeps me busy outside of work.

I am a frequent user of the Kindle Library Lending system because it saves me so much money (and I think it’s important to support local libraries!)

I am also a regular subscriber to Owlcrate. I love getting a surprise in the mail each month that is always a new YA release with just the right amount of bookish goodies. If you’re thinking about subscribing, use my link and give me credit for the referral!



Bookish Ink:



What I Read:

I can’t stick to just one genre. I love reading all sorts of things. My favorite genres include science fiction, horror, fantasy, paranormal romance, suspense, and contemporary romance (as long as the characters are well written!) I will read adult, YA, and even Middle Grade books.

I love complicated plots with great world and character building. I love books that have otherworldly aspects, which is why fantasy is one of my favorite genres. I love endings that other people hate and I love books with amazing twists.

The only genre I generally will not read is Christian fiction or other equally wholesome books. I tend to avoid books that preach at me or have only wholesome aspects because life is messy and real and sometimes terrible and books shouldn’t avoid those issues.


While I love reading, I’m not super judgmental about people who don’t like to read. I think there’s a book out there for everyone, but as long as you’re learning, doing, and stimulating your brain, keep on doing your thing. I only judge nonreaders if they don’t have SOME sort of hobby that gets their brains working.


Social Media:

I participate in a few online book clubs on Goodreads. I love Goodreads and keep track of all of my books there. I post all of my reviews on Goodreads. I enjoy being able to network with readers about reading and writing reviews is what inspired me to blog. If it wasn’t for being able to share reviews and books on Goodreads and ultimately to Facebook, I don’t know that I’d be here typing right now.

Feel free to contact me at meganm922@gmail.com and refer to the sidebar for other links of interests. Follow me on Instagram where I post daily about books and participate in photo-a-day challenges. My Twitter and Facebook page are also linked.


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