5 Things on Sunday – Stress


5 Things on Sunday

Hosted by Reads and Treats

Things to do When You’re Stressed

1. Read a crazy book. 

Maybe some people prefer to read something relaxing, but I think I almost enjoy reading something violent and complex where the main character has to juggle all of these dangerous things because it shifts the perspective for me. Here I am all stressed out about X, Y, and Z and this character has much bigger problems.

2. Drive.

My local Barnes and Noble is a bit far away, but it’s right off the of the highway. I realize that I actually enjoy the drive out there because it’s a stretch highway where everyone drives on the right and passes on the left and I’m in the zone, paying attention, just enjoying the thought process of maintaining speed and anticipating the speed of cars around me. 

3. Browse the bookstore.

Shopping for books can be therapeutic, especially in person. I love to feel and hold a book, see the cover in person, and make decisions. I almost never just go off of a list and I just browse. 

4. Yoga.

I’m not a crazy yoga person and I don’t do it that often, but the stretching and moving helps my lower back and hips so I feel like I’m getting the stress out of my body when it doesn’t ache. 

5. Tackle a project.

It seems counterproductive, especially if your stress is largely due to your to-do list. But focusing on one thing at a time and just doing it is so therapeutic to me. I sit down, maybe write out my reviews for the blog, maybe pay some bills and do some budgeting, look up phone numbers of all the places I need to call in the morning. It eases the stress because I feel like I’m making progress on my to-do list, but by not forcing myself to focus on deadlines and just the organization process or just one thing, it eases the overall stress. 


5 Things on Sunday – Songs


5 Things on Sunday

Hosted by Reads and Treats

Five Favorite Songs


My taste in music is all over the place, so I’m going to keep this limited to music from movies based on books!

1. The Misty Mountains Cold by the cast of Dwarves from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It was exactly how I imagined it in the book!



2. Earned It by The Weeknd from the Fifty Shades of Gray soundtrack. Not a huge fan of the book or the movie, but I love this song and I think it fits well. 



3. Elastic Heart by Sia from Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. Ok, this is sort of cheating because I actually just love th song and happened to find out it is on this soundtrack. I don’t even remember hearing it in the movie or anything. But I chose it because it’s one of my favorite songs anyway. 



4. Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. There seriously couldn’t be a more perfect song for this story. 



5. Literally every song from the Into the Wild soundtrack by Eddie Vedder. He captured the essence of the story so well. And it’s even more haunting because it’s a true story. 


5 Things on Sunday – Words



5 Things on Sunday 

Hosted by Reads and Treats

Words to Describe Your Week



1. Awesome.

My husband is back from being out to sea and I’m so happy to have him back at home!




2. Exhausting. 

I’ve been working more hours this week than usual.. 



3. Stressful.

A major promotional event happened this past week at work while we are somewhat short staffed and unorganized, so it was a bit stressful.


sherlock thinking

4. Worrisome.

I’m moving in 4 months and my job has not yet been able to solidify a position for me in my new state. It’s too early, but I have to plan a lot now before my husband leaves again, so it’s just a lot to worry about.



5. Bookish.

The March Owlcrate renewed on the first. 

The March Nocturnal Reader’s Box shipped on the first.

And I chose my Book of the Month Club book for March and it will ship next week! 

These are the things i look forward to since I’m on a variation of a book buying ban!


5 Things on Sunday – Try New Things

5 Things on Sunday

Hosted by Reads and Treats


New Things to Try

I’m going to try….

1. Actually sticking to a book buying ban.

I already get a monthly Owlcrate, so I’m guaranteed a new book every month. I’m moving soon, so the least I can do is stop going to the bookstore to buy more physical books. I’ll limit myself to trading a stack of books for a much smaller stack at the used bookstore, my monthly Owlcrate, and Kindle book deals I just can’t pass up. I feel like that’s beyond fair.

2. A new morning routine. 

I spend way too much time going through email and social media when I wake up instead of hopping out of bed. I am going to try to cut back on this, only address notifications (which I’m not likely to have), and take 5 minutes to do some yoga or stretching. 

3. A strange sporting event.

I worked an event last week at a professional lacrosse game. I was outside of the arena, so I didn’t get to see the game, but it sounded like the crowd was having a great time. My boss got us all tickets and I’m going as a spectator today. I’ve never seen a lacrosse game, nor am I into sports, but I like the idea of trying something different and having fun with coworkers.

4. Less sugar in my coffee.

I actually make lattes every morning because I’ve always preferred them to regular brewed coffee and my espresso machine is amazing. I’ve moved from flavored syrups to Raw Sugar, using 2 packets. My plan is to cut back to 1 packet and eventually make regular lattes. 

5. Wearing lipstick.

I wear makeup everyday and I feel like I’m pretty decent at applying it, but I’ve always stayed away from lipstick. I carry my medicated SPF chapstick and call it a day. I think I’m going to try to wear some pigment on my lips, but that means trying various types of lip color until I find one that doesn’t make my face break out. We’ll see how far this new thing goes..


What new things have you tried/will you try?